The Staying Power Of Solar Energy

The Sun, all life on our planet depends upon it for light, heat, and food- without it Earth would be a frozen rock spinning through space. The Sun has sustained us from the start, and now its generous rays help us in new ways by providing free, green energy for the technological society we have constructed. This manufactured world we now live in was built on the back of fossil fuels, but those are going to eventually run out, whether people like to think so or not! Fortunately for us, The Sun remains constant and is now increasingly fulfilling the essential task of supplying us with energy.

More and more we see solar panels taking on a critical role in our power distribution networks in order to meet our increasing demand for electricity without having to burn the last of our fossil fuels, which also cause severe pollution problems, something solar power does not! So, let’s take a look at how solar power is changing the world for the better.

The Most Abundant Energy Source – Every hour enough solar energy bathes the Earth to supply an entire year’s worth of our power needs. That’s right, an entire year, in just one hour! We would never have to dig for another gram of fossil fuels if we could collect all of that power!

Staying Power – A solar power plant has a tool life expectancy of more than 40 years of use, and that is likely to be extended by newer technology which could prolong their use indefinitely. The Sun isn’t going anywhere, while fossil fuels will eventually run out.

The Speed Of Light (well, kind of!) – It is much faster to build a solar power plant than it is to construct a fossil fuel power plant. They are also much easier and faster to repair, adding to their superiority. In an age of ever-increasing demand for power, and ever-decreasing supply of fossil fuels, solar power gets us up and running fast, and there’s no end in sight!

Affordability – As fossil fuel prices continue to rise globally, solar power costs remain as constant as The Sun that provides it. With solar, we don’t need to worry about some foreign power abruptly halting imports causing our daily prices to skyrocket. Solar power is currently cheaper than natural gas, coal, diesel and even nuclear when it is available!

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